Fiestas Santa Cruz | HELLO MAY PARTY
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About This Project



Santa Cruz celebrates its founding holiday joy to own a fully rooted commemoration among its inhabitants, who at this time are reunited with their past and their traditions extol , around the symbol that names the city. With the arrival of May, the “party of the people” , as the historian Alejandro Cioranescu renamed it , referring to the ancient bond of celebration with the locals , brings together people of Santa Cruz about a varied program of activities that have a unique identity.

Open to all sectors of the population , from the smallest to our largest , the date the May Festival is another opportunity to appreciate the participatory nature having this call . Serve as shown making craft crosses that adorn many corners of the capital , in the neighborhoods of the city and a large section of the Ramblas , around the feast day 3. Diligence , art , originality and imagination give rise to a unique sample, the admiration of friends and strangers .

That open and diverse participation is also reflected in the eve of the big day of the holidays. Because Baile de Magos , organized in the heart of the old city , enhances closeness that distinguishes chicharrero in dealing with others. Few popular celebration in one appointment contain many hallmarks of a proud of their roots and strongly determined to preserve a rich heritage of folklore features relating to people , traditional clothing or food.

But the May Festival offered much more , as can be seen in the program of activities, invites go out and enjoy the ride outdoors in the middle of spring , with all that this implies in Santa Cruz. The lively, dynamic and bustling city at this time acquires an even more suggestive aspect common to pride and charm of their neighbors who honor us with a visit in these days in which we remember our roots and look to the future with hope and hope. José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.




José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.