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Hello May

About This Project



Talking is talking about May flowers , scents , colors and flavors of the land , traditions , spring and especially party . The festivities commemorating the founding of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and annually impregnated with essentially every corner of our city.

From the Autonomous Agency of the City of Festivals Santa Cruz de Tenerife work hand in hand and full of hope , for our most representative celebrate holidays and bring us to our past more rooted in the most appropriate way possible in the current situation .

The natural scenery of the holidays , they accompany at this time the sun and good weather invites us all to relive the hundred recuerdosque crowd in our memory and that inevitably we move inevitably to Garcia Sanabria Park, the Plaza de la Candelaria and Prince to Las Ramblas of Santa Cruz and the neighborhoods of our city. Children who would hand our parents to see every day adventures Gorgorito are those who now took our kids to enjoy new stories featuring the animated Maese Villarejo dolls.

Full of pride, we also want to involve them and knowledgeable about our canariedad and thus go with them our neighborhoods to witness the commendable work of our neighbors at the time of making the crosses of fresh flowers ol impressive display of costumes canaries parade on the stage of the Plaza de la Candelaria in the designated competition on May 18 exposure of flowers, plants and crafts of the park will offer a new opportunity to meet with neighbors and friends and share intimate moments in a unique setting .

It has been our goal to develop a festival calendar that includes events that we can enjoy the people of Santa Cruz and that allows us all to reconnect with this conclusion as stated and dear to all chicharreros .

Enjoy your holiday our foundational

Fernando Ballesteros Ballester




Fernando Ballesteros Ballester