Are held in the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 49 parties and diversity of activities per year.

[qode_circles columns=»four_columns» circle_line=»with_line»][qode_circle type=»image_type» icon=»fa-cloud-download» size=»fa-3x» title=»CARNIVAL» text=»Party in the costume takes over public spaces overnight. The Carnival of Santa Cruz there are no clocks to measure time.» image=»15860″ link=»» link_target=»_blank» background_color=»#dddddd»][qode_circle type=»image_type» icon=»fa-laptop» size=»fa-3x» title=»MAY PARTY» text=»The lively, dynamic and bustling city at this time acquires an even more suggestive than commonality.» image=»15866″ link=»» link_target=»_blank»][qode_circle type=»image_type» icon=»fa-arrow-circle-o-right» size=»fa-3x» title=»MARIA JIMENEZ» text=»Festivities in honor to San Juan. From 13 to 28 June.» image=»16624″ link=» ACTOS MARIA JIMENEZ 2014.pdf» link_target=»_blank»][qode_circle type=»image_type» icon=»fa-arrow-circle-o-right» size=»fa-3x» title=»IGUESTE SAN ANDRES» text=»Festivities in honor of San Pedro. From 14 June to 06 July.» image=»16613″ link=» ACTOS IGUESTE 2014.pdf» link_target=»_blank»][/qode_circles][qode_circles columns=»four_columns» circle_line=»with_line»][qode_circle type=»image_type» icon=»fa-signal» size=»fa-3x» title=»Bº NUEVO / CUEVA ROJA» text=»Festivities in honor of Our Lady of Fatima. June 21.
» image=»16608″ link=» Fiestas de Barrio Nuevo (1).pdf» link_target=»_blank»][qode_circle type=»image_type» icon=»fa-arrow-circle-o-right» size=»fa-3x» title=»DISTRICT VICTORY» text=»Festivities in honor to Sto Domingo. From July 5 to 20.» image=»16615″ link=» ACTOS BDA LA VICTORIA.pdf» link_target=»_blank»][qode_circle type=»image_type» icon=»fa-arrow-circle-o-right» size=»fa-3x» title=»DISTRICT VICTORY» text=»In honor of Our Lady of Carmen, patron saint of sailors, it is also a celebration for the City indicated given its tradition of portuaria.Del July 5 to 20.» image=»15881″ link=» ACTOS BDA LA VICTORIA.pdf» link_target=»_blank»][/qode_circles]

We inform you of every event in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We have for you all the information, news, pictures, videos

the festival of our city.

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  • Photo reports of all parties involved in the Autonomous Body Party in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


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  • Here is the updated pointers of the events in our city programs.


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  • All the news from the festivities of this city, both on our website and in all our social networks.


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  • All media and streaming content in specific events that you share in web networks.


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